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LAIOG is a national organisation representing 90% of local authority investigation teams with over 2000 investigators.

“The National Executive Board of LAIOG representing the views of over 2000 Local Authority (LA) Fraud Investigators and over 90% of LA Fraud Teams for the past 20 years. With the on-going programme of step change that comes from the advent of the Single Fraud Investigation Service (SFIS), LAIOG feels that now is an extremely important period in which to encourage and support LA’s into keeping the strong counter fraud culture which has become embedded in recent years.

With the abolition of the Audit Commission and the National Fraud Authority, LAIOG believes that there is a lack of thought leadership and strategic lead for counter fraud in the UK. Therefore we are pleased to support the formation of TEICCAF.”

Debbie Gibbons – National Chair

Local Authority Investigating Officers Group (LAIOG)
Local Authority Investigating Officers Group (LAIOG)