Residents of one Truro estate have become victims of an insurance scam having been targeted by people claiming to live at their address in order to get cheaper car insurance.


The scam was exposed when Georgie Carter received a letter from Manchester Police saying an investigation had been launched after a man in Manchester was caught using her home address.

He had claimed to live at Ms Carter's property because those living in the TR1 postcode can get car insurance up to £2,000 cheaper than in other areas of the UK. She soon realised others on the estate had been targeted.

 She said: "I had been getting insurance letters since December. I put it down to the wrong address or something like that, but it was a scam. You can save up £2,000 on insurance by buying you policy in certain areas in Cornwall.



Scammers have been pretending to live on this Truro estate to get cheaper car insurance