Protecting the Public Purse 2016 Survey Released

Protecting the Public Purse 2016

Protecting the Public Purse 2016

Protecting the Public Purse (PPP) – 2015/16

Firstly we would like to say “thank you”. Thank you for allowing us to provide such a great report last year!

2015/15 was the first year the PPP survey was completed by yourselves on a voluntary basis. It was a great success with 63% of local authorities approached responding positively.

TEICCAF believes this speaks volumes of the commitment and enthusiasm that you, within your individual part of the Local Government Fraud landscape have demonstrated. When you consider the implications of the commencement of SFIS, many of you having to regroup or start new fraud departments again, you took the time to respond to the survey. 

Since TEICCAF was created we have met with over 90 Local Authorities, visiting the “coal face” to discuss how YOU wish to see Fraud being looked into – be that on a local, regional and/or national level. This has all been due to the success of the PPP. We hope that the 2015/16 survey reflects the number of questions that have been brought forward during our time up and down the country.

TEICCAF would like to confirm that the analysis and retention of the survey data conforms in full to the data handling and security arrangements employed by previous reports.

If you are NOT the individual who has permission to complete this survey could you please forward this e-mail to them but also please contact TEICCAF with the relevant changes.

If you need advice or support on completing this survey please contact



Jo O’Shea

Secretary to the Board

On behalf of The TEICCAF Foundation Board

Download your Instructions on Completing the PPP Survey here! 


Protecting the Public Purse 2016 Survey Released