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Procurement Fraud Training Workshop – TEICCAF – Manchester

10/10/2017 @ 08:00 - 17:00

Course Title

Procurement Fraud


Half day



Session 3hrs - Exact times TBC

Procuring goods and services is an important area for all organisations.  In the current economic situation, it’s no surprise that fraud is on the rise in this area too.   Although not as widespread as other frauds, the vast sums involved make it a major area of risk – with the potential to lose your organisation massive amounts of money.  Add to that the ‘hidden’ losses caused by underperforming contracts and the associated chance of payment fraud, you’ll want to make sure that you’re as bullet-proof as you can be. 


This course mixes trainer input with syndicate work to help you safeguard your organisation’s funds and its reputation. Come and learn how to spot those who try their luck with you… 





Demonstrate a good understanding of the various types of procurement fraud, the signs and symptoms they exhibit and their impact on the organisation.

ü  Bribery and corruption in the tender process

ü  Restrictive processes

ü  Cabals and cartels

ü  Money laundering

ü  Purchase fraud

ü  Fake employees

Understand the benefits and methods of preventing purchase fraud.

ü  Ordering processes

ü  Confirming delivery

ü  Authorising invoices

ü  Payment methods and reasonable checks

ü  Internal controls and separation of duties

Describe methods and reasons for vetting suppliers.

ü  Vendor identity and presence

ü  Open source enquiries – company reputation & criminality

ü  Reasonable information requests – financial and key personnel

ü  Confirming customer references

ü  Data matching (and consent)

ü  Conflicts of interest

Know the duties imposed by the Bribery Act and the steps that can be taken to ensure compliance.

ü  Duties under the Bribery Act

ü  What is a freely given gift ?  (…and the importance of being seen to be clean)

ü  Hospitality rules

ü  Reasonable gifts

ü  Creating, maintaining and reviewing a gifts and hospitality register

ü  Robust reporting rules


Procurement Fraud Training Workshop – TEICCAF – Manchester


08:00 - 17:00
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Carrington Business Park
M31 4DD