Continuing to Protect the Public Purse

Following on from the success of the 2015 report, the European Institute for Combatting Corruption and Fraud (TEICCAF) published the Protecting the English Public Purse 2016 earlier this year. The report once again highlighted the excellent work that is being undertaken by counter fraud professionals across the country, explains Mark Grimley from the organisation's advisory board.

The latest TEICCAF report highlighted some of the key changes to fraud investigation and detection that many local authorities are tackling head-on. As many people know, the effect of the Single Fraud Investigation Service (SFIS) has been dramatic. The closure of some local authority investigation services, along with the loss of highly-experienced investigators, has left some areas of the country without any corporate investigative resources. These councils are now vulnerable and at risk in relation to financial irregularities and fraud.     


With the backing of chief financial officers and members, corporate teams are being implemented around the country, establishing potential growth within their own rights. Risk is being drilled down, financial irregularities mitigated. We have seen numerous business modules, shared service, joint working and lone investigators expanding into different areas. The highlight has seen authorities generate a significant revenue stream, producing real cashable returns on investment. The increased revenue and savings have allowed councils to consider commercialisation, which does not just confine them to the fraud arena. 

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Continuing to Protect the Public Purse