Welcome to TEICCAF! The European Institute for Combatting Corruption And Fraud.

The ever changing financial climate within the public sector means we must be able to provide a service that can realistically be achieved. It HAS to be cost effective and have  an excellent reporting mechanism. TEICCAF are here to assist, encourage growth, share knowledge and best practice, highlight upcoming trends and understand the dynamics our members need individually and collectively. We will provide training options, arrange workshops, organise events and ALWAYS be transparent and as cost effective as possible.

Using a cooperative approach TEICCAF will help protect public and voluntary funds from fraud and corruption, not just in the UK but across Europe and beyond, by providing thought leadership, strategic vision and practical solutions.

TEICCAF aims is to assist our public sector members to decide the best way forward to tackle fraud.  We STRONGLY feel that being approachable either by phone, e-mail or in person is key to deliver this objective.  KYC (Know Your Customers) – applies to TEICCAF as well as our members we must ‘Know Our Customers’ in order to deliver services that are fit for purpose!  Meeting our members at the “coal face” is most effective, be this as an individual, corporate team, hub, or collectively at events and workshops.

We will ensure the ‘Protecting the English Public Purse’ survey and publication continues.  We have future plans to extend this to Wales and Scotland, as well as a specific report for Social landlords across the UK.

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